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How consumption methods of marijuana are changing.

How consumption methods of marijuana are changing.

For the longest time cannabis has been extremely stigmatized in society but laws are now changing and with that, so are the consumption methods. The tech industry is responsible for pushing cannabis forward and the herb is becoming more normalized now because of legalization. In the United States alone, the cannabis industry is worth $61 billion, and there are many online cannabis stores available like Canna Cabana, which demonstrates just how popular the herb is. All of this legalization and its popularity have paved the way for new methods of consumption to be developed and this article will go more into detail about how the consumption of marijuana is changing in our society.

Dab rigs

A dab rig is a water pipe that works specifically with marijuana concentrate such as wax and dabs instead of using dry herbs. To use a dab rig, you simply use a torch to heat the nail, placing a dab of concentrate in the nail, and then inhale the vapour that is produced. There are a variety of dab rigs available including glass dab rigs, silicone dab rigs, mini rigs, E-rigs, and recycler rigs. Dab rigs do not produce smoke, rather it produces vapour which makes it much stronger and more potent than smoking the traditional way, and the fact that it produces vapour instead of smoke also makes it much healthier than traditional smoking. The only downside is that it is an expensive method of smoking that requires a lot of tools and maintenance.


Tinctures are a concentrate that is a herbal extract and has been soaked in alcohol or vinegar to extract the active ingredient. To use tinctures, simply place 3-4 drops under your tongue and within a few minutes, the marijuana will be in your bloodstream. You get THC and CBD tinctures and compared to smoking, tinctures are healthier because there is no combustion involved and it is also more potent as well as more discreet than smoking a blunt.

Beverage edibles

Beverage edibles are drinks that contain marijuana such as beer, tea, cocktails, juice, soda, and even wine. Drinking cannabinoids such as THC and CBD is just as effective as consuming other edibles and when you consume this way, the marijuana makes its way into your digestive tract which is how you get high. It takes about 2 hours for the effects to peak but once they do, you can expect to be high for upward of 12 hours which is significantly longer than any other method of consuming marijuana. This method of consumption is very discreet and much healthier than regular smoking and it is also more potent.


Topicals are oils, creams, balms, lotions, and sprays that contain cannabis and they are very popular amongst athletes. When applied to your skin, muscles, or joints, the topicals work to alleviate sore muscles and stiff joints without providing any psychoactive effects. You will find creams, gels, ointments, and even lube topicals, and compared to traditional smoking, there are no health risks involved and it is very discreet and easy to use.

Pen vaporizer

Pen vaporizers are small in size and typically resemble an e-cigarette. Pen vaporizers hold much smaller quantities of dry herbs and they work by heating a cartridge using a power sauce and instead of producing smoke, it produces vapour which makes it much healthier than traditional smoking. Vaporizers produce no smell and significantly less smoke than joints which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Vaporizers also produce more flavour because you get to control the temperature manually. The smoke from a joint generally lingers and sticks onto your hair, clothes, and hands which is a problem you will not experience with a pen vaporizer.

There are constantly new methods of consuming marijuana being introduced into society and more and more people are starting to say no to the traditional blunt and yes too much healthier alternative methods of consuming marijuana such as dab rigs, tinctures, beverage edibles, topicals, and pen vaporizers. All of these methods are much healthier, more potent and everything except dab rigs, are more discreet. Society is starting to embrace marijuana and if you are new to the herb and want to try it out, consider one of these consumption methods.

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