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Playbook For A Fast THC Cleanse & Detox

Playbook For A Fast THC Cleanse & Detox

During the life of even the most casual cannabis consumer, there comes a time when a fast THC cleanse is much needed. If you're not under any tight time restrictions, you can stop consuming cannabis in general when you're ready. Yet, this method alone can take 30-45 days (or even up to 4 months) to be effective. Often when cannabis consumers seek a THC cleanse, they are following a tighter schedule than 30 days.

The first order of business in a fast THC cleanse, of course, is to stop consuming cannabis-even CBD products to be on the safe side. While it is uncommon, some CBD products contain traces of THC when sold, indicating otherwise. Then, you'll need to give yourself a little extra boost in the form of a THC cleanse. For a fast, safe THC detox, you have a few different avenues you can take.

How to Pass a Drug Test

The most common reason for needing a THC cleanse is to pass a drug test successfully. Many jobs require a THC-free test for employment, and use a variety of types of tests that can change your detox needs. There are urine, saliva, blood and hair follicle tests each requiring varying degrees of urgency.

Urine Tests

It can take anywhere from a month to a month and a half for THC to naturally leave your urine. Of course, the detection time depends on several factors. But, body mass, metabolism, and frequency/amount of use appear to wield the most influence on how quickly the cleansing process goes. 

Saliva Tests

Even if you happen to be a daily consumer, it only takes a week, or seven days, at most for the final traces of THC to disappear from your spit. Don't get your hopes up, though. This type of test is much less common than the urine test.

Blood Tests

While you’re even less likely to end up taking a blood test, it’s not completely disregarded as an option so it’s best to learn it’s influence on a drug test. In general, you can expect a blood test to detect THC for several days, although heavy users may trigger positive results for up to a month.

Hair Follicle Tests

The hair follicle test is primarily intended to detect the frequency of use. In other words, if you took a bite out of a cannabis-infused enchilada after a three-month THC detox, you'll probably get higher than SpaceX’s Falcon 9, but you likely won't fail a hair test. If you, however, were a habitual user until about a month ago, the hair follicle test is probably going to figure that out.

Strategizing Your Detox

So you've noticed there are some discrepancies between these kinds of tests. What a hair test will pick up on might be missed by a urine test, where the saliva test excels, the hair test fails, etc. The first step to any detox and cleanse is to stop consuming THC completely. You won't get anywhere if you're still snacking on those infused gummy bears. But which cleanse you choose may depend on the type of test you're facing. If you don't know which kind of test is coming up, assume and prepare for the worst and you'll be in good shape.

THC Detox Myths

Before we get into what works, however, let us first take a moment to dispel some oft-touted myths surrounding the detoxification process.

Can Cranberry Juice Get Rid of THC?

One of the most pervasive misconceptions is that drinking lots of cranberry juice right before a test is going to “flush out your system” or something to that effect. This recommendation has also been made with water, as well, and typically with a much larger quantity at a much faster rate. Neither of these ideas are very good ones (especially the latter one, unless you want to end up in the emergency room); a diluted system is a major red flag for any test administrator worth their salt, so all that is likely to happen as a result of your little “flushing” experiment will be you having to retake the test.

Should I Exercise Before a Drug Test?

Some people also say that engaging in high-intensity exercise before the test will help one pass, as the THC gets released through the sweat. This claim is nothing more than complete and utter broscience, to use the parlance of our times. Conversely, some have advised not to work out at all before taking the test; THC, they say, is stored in fat cells, which will get burned during exercise and, subsequently, released into the bloodstream. This statement, however, has also turned out to be a myth.

The answer is to not rely too heavily on any folksy wisdom surrounding THC and drug tests. Instead, leave your THC detox or THC cleanse to science. So don't waste time chugging juice or sprinting up the stair climber and get yourself a legitimate detox kit instead.

Best Methods for Cleansing THC From Your Body

Getting ready to pass that drug test with flying colors comes down to two things: what kind of test are you going to take, and how much time do you have? Fortunately, we have an array of products to help you pass any drug test. Choose the best option based on your time needs.

10 Days Out

The 10 Day Ultra Detoxification Program from is a reliable option for those of you who have more than a week to get ready. It comes equipped with three free home test kits, just in case you wanted to test the program's efficacy before the big day.

5 Days Out

If you don't have ten days, it's all good -- you can also buy Weed Republic's 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program. That comes with two free home test kits.

1 Day or Less

We all know getting a week's notice is often a luxury. If your employer is testing you by surprise, you may want to get the Clean Shot. This capsule drink works after just an hour and a half and lasts for up to six hours. Clean Shot – Weed Republic

They’re Literally Knocking on the Door

Even if you only have one hour to spare, it's still all good -- there's the Fail-Safe Kit, which takes effect in precisely sixty minutes and also lasts for up to six hours. Remember, none of these are going to help if you're still consuming THC products. So, be sure to quit consuming cannabis entirely before using any of them.

Final Thoughts

You can browse around here to check all of these options out for yourself. We've come a long way in the last few years, and the research into THC, its effects, and how to quickly cleanse it from your body have advanced significantly. Gone are the days when your only option was to quit using THC products and then wait a long time. There's no longer any reason to have to choose between your products and your job, or whatever else is gated behind that drug test. All you need is a little planning and a good detox kit.


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