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The Best Marijuana Consumption Method for a quick High

The Best Marijuana Consumption Method for a quick High

Every cannabis consumer has their preferred method of consumption. Some like to smoke, some prefer edibles, and others want instant relief with a tincture or vaporizer.  There are many ways to consume marijuana that offer different effects depending on the desired outcome. To be frank, it's unlikely that recreational users aren't looking for relief from chronic pain. What you need is an intense and immediate high that's potent and long-lasting. But how would you know which method delivers what you're looking for? Is it smoking, vaping, or edibles? What about dabbing? This article explores some of the quickest and most efficient methods of cannabis delivery, so read on and enjoy!


Joints are made by rolling cannabis in rolling paper and consumed by smoking them. They're cost-effective to use with no issues like cleaning and maintenance, and do what they're supposed to do. Smoking is one of the most popular and oldest methods of consumption and it comes with its pros and cons. The major pro is that it's the quickest delivery method, peaking in about 10 minutes and lasting for up to 3 hours. However, burning your herb reduces its flavor and impact, and you might be a little disappointed with the quality. And it's a harsher smoke, so you may want to consider the damage to your throat and lungs and the fact that there is no filtering out any impurities in your weed.  


Bongs are known as the kings of marijuana devices and come in an array of sizes and shapes. Cannabis connoisseurs swear by premium glass bongs, such as those sold by Molino Glass, that maximize the style, effect, and quality of your weed. These status symbols are not just aesthetically pleasing; they get you completely stoned. Bongs are water filtration pipes that serve multiple purposes. They clean your weed by filtering out impurities, cool the smoke down, and give you a smoother, more potent rip that isn't harsh on the throat or lungs. The high is almost immediate and can last up to 4 hours. Be careful though. It is easy to underestimate the amount of smoke you're inhaling, and we will recommend that you go slow.

Dab rigs

Rumor has it that dabbing induces the most potent high ever. We cannot confirm or deny, but if you're in doubt, ask around. Dab rigs are designed to use solid oils and waxes, commonly known as cannabis concentrates. Although dab rigs are vaping devices, there is a difference. These devices use a nail to heat the concentrate, and if you're a newbie, we would suggest having a seasoned user show you the ropes. Dabs deliver a smooth, clean smoke that is strong and flavorful. Its effects are immediate and last at least 3 hours. This method is not for the faint-hearted and may take a bit of practice before you get it right.

Dry herb vaporizers

Vaporizers are trendy, functional, and practical devices that come in both desktop and portable options. Dry herb vaporizers are specifically designed to vape dry herb only. Both the portable and desktop versions have fast become a favorite because they deliver a cleaner vape with less smoke and way less odor than other smoking methods. Portable vaporizers are perfect for that quick smoke when you're out and about, while the desktop versions add ambiance to a chilled session at home. The temperature controls on a vaporizer give your herb a better flavor because it doesn't burn. Although the high doesn't last as long as smoking, this can easily be offset with more vaping sessions.


There are millions of anecdotal reports about the effects of various methods of consumption and this is because each person is different. Although it always boils down to preference, a large part of your experience depends on how you treat your weed. Vaporizers are ideal for temperature control and do maximize flavor, but this of course is not for everyone. There are of course bongs for the big hitters, and while these are easy to use, they can be expensive.

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