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What you should know before smoking marijuana

What you should know before smoking marijuana

Are you completely new to the world of marijuana and a bit nervous about smoking for the first time? Are you worried about what might or might not happen but have not idea what to expect?

One of the most bizarre experiences for many people is smoking marijuana for the first time. Most people think it is similar to being intoxicated or drunk but this just isn’t the case. While yes, you do feel some kind of euphoric sensation, it's not the same as being intoxicated.

Smoking for the first time, many people have no idea what to expect, or they expect something to happen but It doesn’t end up happening. There is so much stigma around using marijuana that people may have misconceptions around it. If you are new to marijuana and have never smoked before, there are some things that you should get familiar with and finding the right method of consumption is one of them. To make this choice easier for you it is always convenient to visit online websites like that have the world’s largest catalog of smoking products. All of them have different features depending on the method of consumption, and that's why anyone could find the suitable one. But before buying your favourite smoking tool, there are a few things you should be aware of. Here are a few to note.

Nothing might happen

One of the most common and prominent reasons that people consume marijuana is to get to feel that insane euphoric high that everyone is always talking about. It’s expected to feel this way when consuming marijuana in any capacity but sometimes when people smoke it, they just don’t feel anything. For some people this could be because their body doesn’t react to it, but for most people who don’t end up feeling anything after smoking marijuana, it is because they aren’t inhaling correctly.

In order for you to actually feel the high when smoking, you need to inhale the smoke into your lungs so that it can make it into your bloodstream. Many people who are smoking for the first time are too nervous to inhale properly or struggle to inhale the smoke because it makes them cough. They will just pull the smoke into their mount and then blow it out, without receiving any of the benefits.

Reschedule you day

If you are going to be smoking for the first time, you have no idea how your body will react to the marijuana or what you will be feeling after you have smoked. When you choose to smoke for the first time, make sure you do it on a day that you will be completely free to do whatever you want and not have any other commitments or responsibilities that you have to do.

Typically, the effects of smoking weed can be felt within about 20 minutes or so but the high will last quite a lot longer. A cannabis high can last anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours depending on your method of consumption and how much of it you have actually consumed.

Remember to eat and drink

When smoking weed for the first time you can be so entranced by the euphoric high that you will forget to drink anything. Not drinking anything for extended periods of time will cause you to become dehydrated and lead to really bad headaches when you are coming down from you high, making it an unpleasant experience.

It is important to note that smoking marijuana gives you what people call the munchies. This means that once you come down from your high you will be really hungry. It is important to plan your meals beforehand so that you can eat as soon as you feel hungry and don’t end up having an unpleasant experience.

Your perception will change

Smoking weed for the first time; you might notice that you [perception of everything around you will change. You might end up completely zing out and have no idea of the time or what is happening around you. You may feel extremely giddy and happy, or you may just start feeling down for absolutely no reason. There are so many different things that will feel like they have changed when you smoke weed, but it is important to remember but it's not permanent.

Start slowly

Lastly, it is so important to note, that if you are smoking weed for the first time, you should start out slowly with smaller doses. You will have no idea how the weed will affect you and how you will feel. By taking it slowly you allow yourself to discover what amount is the right for you without going overboard and having a negative experience. Starting slowly allows you to build up resistance and increase your dosage over time to have better and better highs.

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