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Expensive Bongs Attachment and the Art of Smoking:

Expensive Bongs Attachment and the Art of Smoking

The items designed to enhance and complement the functionality of bongs are known as Bong accessories. The Bong is used for smoking cannabis, weed, tobacco, and other substances. Here are a few examples of Bong accessories and their price range.

Ash Catcher:

Ash catcher is one of the popular bong accessories with a water pipe attachment that traps debris, resin, and ash, preventing them from entering the water chamber. It helps keep the bong clean and provides cooler and smoother hits.

It reduces the cleaning time of the bong. This attachment can easily be attached and removed from the bong’s joint. It filters the combusted material before reaching the bong. The price of most ash catchers is between 20 to several hundred dollars, according to their material, brand, and size.


The Percolator is a Bong accessory that provides smoother hits by cooling the smoke before inhalation. It draws the smoke through the water providing a cooler hit. It produces a bubbling sound while using the bong.

It is primarily present in the tube of the bong. It has water in it that filters the smoke. Upon puffing, the smoke is drawn through the water in the bong. The smoke again interacts with the water while moving upwards in Percolator bong. This process filters and cools the smoke. The twice interaction of smoke with water gives it a better chance to cool and provide a smoother hit.

Bubbles in percolators are broken down due to the pressure applied to them. This phenomenon enhances your smoking experience. A variety of percolators are available in the market. The standard one is domed-shaped, while you can also find other shapes. The price range ranges from 30 to several hundred dollars according to brand, size, and type. 

Carbon Filter Adaptors:

These are the devices that are attached to various smoking devices to allow the attachment of carbon filters. They are designed to connect to multiple air purification systems. They are available in different sizes, and designs to accommodate a variety of filters.

Carbon Filters are used to remove contaminants. They adsorb the toxic materials on the activated carbon surface. These are often used with various air purification systems for comprehensive air cleaning.

The adaptors make the process of carbon filter attachment in smoking devices easier. Using it, we can easily attach a carbon filter to our smoking device, ensuring the air is properly filtered. It is attached to the bong and filters the smoke using activated carbon. Their price range is usually from 50 to several hundred dollars.

Quartz Banger:

It is a type of nail that is used for dabbing. It is used to fit onto a dab rig and is usually made of high-quality quartz. It is heated until the desired temperature is attained. The concentrate to be smoked is then placed on the banger’s surface, which is hot enough to vaporize it so that it is easily inhaled using Dab Rig.

They are popular among ardent smokers as they offer various advantages over other types of dab nails. Their material provides them durability and heat resistance, making them strong enough to withstand repeated heat without breaking or cracking.

It provides a better taste and does not interfere with the concentrate’s flavor. They are easy to maintain, making them a popular choice among smokers. Their cost varies from 20 to several hundred dollars according to the quality and size of the titanium.

Titanium Nail:

It is a smoking accessory used with a dab rig to vaporize the concentrates. It is typically made of high-quality titanium to withstand high temperatures. The nail is heated with a torch until it is red hot and then allowed to cool slightly before applying concentrate on it.

When the concentrate is placed on the nail, it vaporizes instantly to be inhaled using a dab rig. They are popular among smokers due to their durability and resistance to high temperatures without releasing harmful chemicals. As titanium is non-reactive metal, it does not alter the flavor of weed. They usually cost from 20 to several hundred dollars depending on the quality and size of the titanium nail.

While buying accessories for your bong, you should remember that expensive accessories only sometimes ensure the quality and better smoking experience. You must thoroughly research and select the best accessory that suits your budget and smoking preference and is of better quality. 

Design and functionality of bong accessories:

For designing bong accessories, one must consider various factors like ease of use, durability, the material used, and compatibility with bongs. The preference of smokers should also be considered, as some smokers prefer dab rigs over bongs due to their convenience and portability. The ultimate aim of Bong’s accessories is to enhance the smoking experience of users by providing them with customized and enjoyable experiences.

Let me give a brief overview of how the design of various bong accessories enhances their functionality.

  • A bong piece places your smoking material like weed and cannabis. They are usually made of glass and are available in various shapes and sizes to fit different bongs. They help you to enjoy the flavors of weed without wasting it.
  • Down stem fits into the bong’s joint and is extended downwards in the water. It is made of glass. Its ultimate function is to cool and filter the smoke before reaching your lungs.
  • Ash catcher fits onto the down stem. It is a glass attachment. It traps debris and ash that blocks the bong, keeping the glass and water clean.
  • A Carb cap is an accessory used with dab rigs for smoking concentrates. It is designed in such a way as to regulate the temperature and airflow of the dab rig.
  • Banger is used with dab rigs. It is a type of nail usually made of quartz. It is designed to withstand high temperatures. It is heated to the extent that it quickly vaporizes the concentrate.
  • To maintain the functionality of the bong, it is mandatory to keep it clean. You can buy cleaning supplies like brushes, clothes, and solutions to keep the bongs clean. 

The evolution of cool bong attachments from Traditional to Modern Ones:

Smokers have used bongs to smoke weed since centuries. The design of the bong and its accessories have evolved. In the past, a traditional bong had a bowl for holding weed, a down stem to pass the smoke through the water chamber, and a mouthpiece for taking puffs. The function of water in the chamber was to filter and cool the smoke for a smoother smoking experience.

Bongs have been modified to enhance their aesthetics and functionality. One of the significant modifications is the introduction of percolators. They are additional water chambers that are used to cool and filter smoke. They improve the smoke quality and make it less harsh to inhale.

Another development is the use of various materials for bongs. The traditional ones were made of wood or bamboo. In contrast, the modern ones are made of silicone, acrylic, or glass. Glass bongs are very popular mainly due to transparency, allowing users to enjoy the visual journey of smoke passing through various chambers of the bong.

One significant development is the e-bongs which use electricity to vaporize the weed rather than burn it. They have temperature control and other features to provide a customizable smoking experience to their users. 

The driving force behind the evolution of the bong’s attachment is the never-ending desire to enhance the smoking experience by providing advanced technology, smoother inhales, and better filtration. The evolution of smoking is a never-ending process as it will continue to modify to meet the preferences and needs of smokers.


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