Envy Glass Designs 18in Beaker - Aqua



Beaker Bong

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Envy Glass Designs create advanced and unrivaled quality products. All of their pipes produced in their warehouse in Southern California, using only the highest quality Boro Schott Glass.

This traditional beaker design benefits from a large chamber that allows you to raise or lower the water line to provide more or less space to hold smoke. Beakers are more stable than most other water pipes and provide a large chamber to hold big hits. The ice catch allows you to chill those hits down a little and the low-set triple pinch will ensure that you can load this piece down with ice if you so choose. Or you can go all natural and just rip it!


  • Height: 18 in
  • Base width: 5 in
  • Takes 14mm male bowls (included)
  • Triple pinch ice-catch
  • Thick 5mm boro Schott glass
  • Made is Southern California
  • Aqua accents

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