Envy Glass Designs Dichro Coated Banger Hanger - White/Crimson




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Big Beautiful Banger Hanger 

The Banger Hanger, a modern innovation that is the evolution of hundreds of dab rig designs to finally settle on the most basic. A small piece with minimal filtration and simple features makes for a straight to the point rig that doesn't get clogged with resin and is easy to use. A beaker is all you need.

This dichro coated blue sky banger is a sight to behold. The solid construction is evident and the color shifting surface looks different depending on lighting and angle. The hanger design keeps the hot element away from your rig and gives you a clear view to your dab. 


  • Height: 8 in
  • Base width: 3.5 in
  • Takes 14mm male bangers (included) 
  • Triple pinch ice-catch
  • 3mm boro Schott glass
  • Made is Southern California
  • Dichro coated white crimson

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