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Now this is a piece that will surely turn those eyes sparkling with excitement! The Acrylic Bong with Built-In Grinder is looking dazzling with its colored 30mm diameter tubing and stands at approximately 8.5 inches tall making it perfect for the traveller in you. This water bong comes with a carb hole situated closely at the bottom end of its cylindrical tube plus a Fixed Stem percolator that does an incredible job in filtrating and cooling your smoke down for a more smoother and satisfying hit. It features a durable built as it is made with high-grade acrylic and ensures you that cleaning and maintaining this mini water bong will come with ease. If you are the clumsy kind of dude or chick, you won't have to worry about dropping or letting your toking piece slip out of your hands as this mini water pipeis very lightweight and has a super comfortable grip design. Take it with you as you plan your long trips with your friends and family as this acrylic bong also features a built--in grinder for storing your favorite material. Grab your very own Acrylic Bong with Built-In Grinder for only $29.99 here at KING's Pipe and choose from either blue or charcoal for its color. A portable and affordable toking piece indeed!


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DISCLAIMER: As this product is hand-blown, the length / weight / size / color might be slightly bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, heavier or lighter than what the manufacturers have provided in the specifications. Please be mindful of the exact fit of accessories that are purchased separately as KING’s Pipe will not be held liable for these occurrences. Thank you.


  • Acrylic Bong
  • Built-In Grinder
  • Approx. 8.5" in Height
  • Carb Hole
  • Good for Travel
  • Tilt Straight Neck
  • Fixed Stem


  • Color: Blue / Charcoal
  • Dimensions: Approx. 8.5" in Height / Body 30mm in Diameter
  • Weight: Approx. 2.20oz (63g)
  • Material: High-Grade Acrylic
  • Percolator: Fixed Stem

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