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The Pistol Grip Bong

This 100% acrylic bong is a truly innovative piece. It incorporates a ergonomic pistol grip into its body, making it comfortable to use and virtually impossible to drop! The acrylic body also ensures that this piece is tough, so you won't have to worry about it getting damaged in storage or transport!

The Pistol Grip Bong is a truly striking piece that will stand out in any collection. Its innovative design allows you to grip your bong perfectly in your hand as you inhale and the shaft is angled towards you as you hold it.

The Pistol Grip Bong Features

Pistol Grip
Angled Shaft
Acrylic Body

Pistol Grip

No more awkward hunching over your bong, the Pistol Grip is the ultimate comfortable smoking experience. It will ergonomically fit your hand as you take a hit, you’ll never have to worry about dropping your bong mid sesh ever again.

Angled Shaft

Not only is this piece great to hold, it’s also easy to take hit from. The angled neck means that every hit is comfortable and convenient!

Acrylic Body

This piece is made from high quality acrylic. This makes it lighter and shatterproof; on top of that it’s machine washable!

Available in a choice of striking colours - see dropdown menu for choices.

Technical Specifications :

Height 291mm
Joint Female
Material Acrylic
Mouthpiece Straight

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