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The Airvape Xs by AirVape - the tremendous level of discreteness in a little, light form and latest personal herbal vaporizer emphasizing excellent performance for optimal use.

AirVape blends excellent engineering and precisely made, from the sustainable material to the finished technological heart provides you the premium look you wanted to have. Uses a mixture of conduction and convection technology to perform the regular heating.

AirVape Xs is the most compact to vaporize herbs perfectly, pocket-friendly and the vibrating function signal you when reaching the maximum temperature, and shuts off automatically. This device must be on your list to enjoy every puff.

The AirVape XS:
• Has a Digital Display
• 20 Second Heat Up
• Ceramic
• Vibration Warnings
• Compact
• Auto Shutoff
• Glass Mouthpiece

Airvape’s designers, researchers, and engineer are committed to making the highest operating dry herb vaporizer in the market today. Accompanying an excellent team to present helpful customer service. We offer a safe and guaranteed product to satisfy everyone's craved in the Smoky World.

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