Cone Tube Shower to Circ Perc




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This is what you get when you cherrypick the best aspects of a tube, a beaker, and a worked bong and put them all into one pipe with no apologies. The Cone Tube to Circ Perc water pipe features some of the best innovations in glass in one piece. The bottom perc has small water jets that add a little drag for a slow stacking hit built up in the bottom chamber. The above circ perc thoroughly percolates your hit in style with its green worked glass. Finally, the narrow trumpet mouthpiece ensures water stays down in the chamber. All that with black and green accents!


  • Height: 12 in
  • Base width: 3.5 in
  • Black and Slyme Green accents
  • Takes 14mm male accessories (Bowl included, style varies)
  • Dense 60x4mm borosilicate
  • Large chamber with four hole Jet perc in bottom and Cerc perc on top

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