GRAV Coil Showerhead Water Pipe - Clear




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Ride the Snake!

The Coil Showerhead water pipe is a wild ride for your rip. This perc is made for a higher water level; with the chamber filled halfway, the water line is displaced when hitting, and the entire body fills with evenly dispersed bubbles. The smoke is then pulled to the top of the spiral and is percolated through the large showerhead at the base of the chamber. The stemless design makes this piece simple to use. A thick and sturdy base complements the hefty chamber of this new pipe from GRAV. This piece is made for long big hits that you taste before even pulling the bowl, so be ready.


  • Created by GRAV
  • Clear glass with decal
  • Height: 13 in
  • Base width: 4 in
  • 14mm male bowl included
  • 60x5mm borosilicate glass

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