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    Even with all the incredible smoking implements on the market today, like these awesome beaker bongs or an even-more-modern electric dab rig for super convenient and portable dabbing, we'll always love the classic feel of smoking a nice joint or blunt. Rolling the perfect pearl is a time-honored tradition and a skill that is passed from stoner to stoner. Whether it's a huge watermelon blunt wrap or a CBD-infused joint paper, smoking a paper is a nostalgic, communal experience for smokers old and new. One important tool to have nearby when you light up a blunt is the humble ashtray or an ash catcher. It may seem like a given, but once you smoke without any of these cool ashtrays nearby, you'll wish you'd taken a second to grab a smokeless ashtray or even a custom ashtray. It doesn't just serve as a place for ashing your joint though; many of these vintage ashtrays are also the perfect resting spot to set your paper down when you need your hands free. That way you can smoke in clean comfort, knowing your ratty old DIY ashtrays are a thing of the past. If you find yourself smoking like a freight train, you can even check out floor ashtrays to give yourself one of the easiest, most convenient marijuana ashtrays available. If you're one to drop everything fragile you put your hands on and want to avoid mixing ashtrays and heartbreaks, grab some disposable ashtrays or one of our metal ashtrays and you won't have to worry about it!

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