6 Arm Tree Perc Bong



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The 6 arm tree perc bong is a marvel to look at. The narrow neck of the bong acts as a natural splashguard, keeping the water from inside the second chamber, which contains the 6-arm tree perc, from reaching your mouth. At the top of the skinny neck tubing is a flared mouthpiece, which creates an airtight seal created by your inhaling and doesn't allow any smoke to sneak out while inhaling. Each arm of the tree perc has two slits in the bottom. After lighting up your flower that is tightly packed into the in the deep bowl, the smoke will run through the removable downstem. The diffused downstem has cuts similar to the arms of the tree perc. These slits diffuse the smoke to give it a much smoother taste.

With the combined diffusion of the tree perc and removable downstem, the  6-Arm Tree Perc Beaker Bong  will always produce great tasting hits. The beaker design of the bong allows it to hold plenty of both water and smoke. The clear glass allows you can see your smoke as it travels through the water pipe. This scientific glass bong has all the assets one needs for am enjoyable smoke sesh. 

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