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percolator bong

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Ready for something different to fill out your glass collection? This awesome piece by Swerve Glass is sure to please with its beautiful craftsmanship and ultra smooth hits. Smoke starts its journey down a slitted inline percolator, bubbling straight up to the 9-arm tree perc. Both percolators are cut with wide slits, meaning you get less drag, bigger bubbles, and no clogs. Thanks to this clever design, this bong is much easier to clean than other pieces with such complex percolation. The ice catcher in this piece is also positioned right above the tree perc, helping to reduce splash and keep your smoke cool for a smoother hit.

This piece looks great and smokes even better, but that's not all. It's also super durable, made of thick 5mm borosilicate glass throughout. It even comes on a heavy, quality base that will keep it anchored to the table when not in use. This amazing bong is just a click away from being yours! Order today and we'll send it out with FREE, discreet shipping that respects your privacy. Even at 16” tall, we guarantee it will arrive in one piece or your money back!

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