CVault - 0.5L (about 3/4oz) Includes 8g Boveda 62



Stash box, Tins and containers

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  • Size: 0.5L (4u2033 diameter, 2.67u2033 depth)
  • Holdsu00a0aboutu00a03/4 oz of medical flower
  • Stainless steel, curing and storage container
  • Airtight, no loss of oils, character or flavour
  • Multiple latch design with silicone ring on lid to lock freshness
  • Includes Boveda humidipak
CVault Humidor Storage containers are well known for a number of reasons:
  • madeu00a0of a premiumu00a0food grade stainless steel
  • airtight
  • impenetrable by light
  • perfect for storing herbs, spices and fresh food.u00a0
  • u00bc inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.
  • Humidity Pack holder is specifically designed to hold your Bovedau00ae pak.u00a0
Your medical herbs will never mold/dry again! CVault container is the ultimate storage container for curing and storing medicalu00a0flower.u00a0


Comes withu00a0Boveda humidipak.

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