Poppins Stash Bag




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In honor of Ms. Mary Poppins and her bag of treats to help the medicine go down. With a 3-digit and keyed lock, children - and parents! - remain blissfully ignorant. While you regain a little peace of mind. To conceal odors, Poppins is fashioned with a waterproof zipper. To keep it legit, this stash bag is made in Italy with genuine leather. To keep it easy, inside is lined with faux - and purposefully so - leather to thoroughly clean oil leaks and shake. To keep it chic, Poppins moonlights as the most killer clutch. Ever.

Available in Black, Cobalt Blue, White, Camel.

  • Proprietary 3-digit, keyed lock
  • Made in Italy, genuine leather
  • Waterproof, odor resistant zipper

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