RYOT SmellSafe Carbon Series Lockable Hauler Bag



Bong Bag

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You are the Deliverator

This bag is bonkers. You could probably curl up and fit inside of it if you had to. If you, for some insane reason need to keep about four pounds of pot in a smell proof and water resistant container that is easily moveable and has multiple projects and straps, well here you go.

The RYOT Lockable Hauler is about the size of those bags pizza delivery dudes show up with, and you know those things work great to keep heated air in and this is a souped-up, airtight version of that, but not bright red. The double zippers make locking the bag as simple as attaching a padlock through the holes, and your loot is more secure.



  • Enormous Smell Proof Bag from RYOT
  • Holds 4 pounds of herb
  • Water resistant
  • Lockable zipper pulls
  • Side pockets
  • Multiple reconfigurable straps

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