GRAV 9in Upright Bubbler w/ Tungsten Showerhead Downstem - Black



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Bubbles Like a Champ

This Bubbler is built to be the economy class go-to table top piece from GRAV. Following the same form as the two smaller bubbler designs, this pipe has a fixed downstem that has four sidewall facing holes made with tungsten rods. The angle of the mouthpiece is a sharp 45 degree that rests well against your lips when in use. The extra thick base ensures years of use with proper care. The best feature is the inset 14mm female receiver that allows you to add different bowl styles, adapters, and accessories. This piece is a win all the way around.


  • Height: 7 in
  • Base Width: 3.5 in
  • Made from 50x5 mm borosilicate glass tubing
  • Full Waterpipe Functionality
  • Clear Glass with Black Downstem and Mouthpiece
  • Includes 14mm male Funnel Bowl

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