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The MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler is a super compact blunt bubbler that doubles as a mini dab rig. Fit your rolled joint or blunt into the Merlin's mouth and enjoy smooth, moisture-conditioned hits on-the-go. Alternatively, attach the included quartz banger and take thick, potent rips on-the-go. Featuring a recycler filtration system, the Merlin bubbler cycles smoke through water numerous times, allowing each rip to attach to moisture for smoother inhales. Meanwhile, impurities are filtered out to ensure cleaner pulls. The Merlin comes with 1 silicone carb plug and 1 banger clip that holds the quartz banger in place during use. Boasting a wizardly design, the Merlin Recycler makes every session magical.


There was a time when switching between herb and wax required two pipes. That was until the Merlin Recycler worked its magic. Now you can seamlessly switch between materials. The ground glass connection is compatible with most joints and bubblers, as well as a 100% quartz banger included in the box. Made of high grade quartz, the banger extracts essential flavors, aromas and potency from wax concentrates. Torch up the nail and dab your favorite waxes on-the-fly. The included silicone carb cap creates an airtight seal for direct-to-lung hits, delivering intense flavor and potency. Whether you like dry herb or oil concentrates, Merlin Recycler allows you to enjoy both in a portable fashion.


MJ Arsenal magically fit a complex recycler filtration system into one of the most compact pipes in the kingdom. As the user draws, water is pulled into the upper chamber, repeatedly washing smoke through a water filtration cycle. Each rip has ample time to attach to moisture, miraculously transforming harsh smoke into smooth vapor in seconds. Merlin is the most pocket-sized recycler bubbler in the land, enabling you to enjoy moisture-conditioned rips on-the-go. This travel-friendly companion is ready for any adventure you take it on.

  • Mini Joint/Blunt Bubbler
  • Recycler Water Filtration System
  • 8mm female joint
  • Dual Wax/Herb Compatible
  • 100% Quartz Banger
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 3.2'' inches tall

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