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You wake up the day after your big football game, where you just worked your tail off to secure a victory for your team. You’d love to get up and celebrate the win, but your body doesn’t seem to agree with you. Your joints are on fire, your arms hurt, your legs simply refuse to move. Two options are available to you at this point: you can either choose to stay in bed and bend your own will to please the aches and pains you feel, or you can make a stand and fight back. Alpine Hemp’s CBD Joint and Muscle Capsule strives to provide relief for the physical pains that you likely feel after strenuous athletics. Each capsule contains 20mg of hemp extracts, which work together to improve the overall effects of the capsule. 

While athletes certainly would benefit greatly from using this product, its market is much, much more diverse. Those who frequent the gym may find this capsule as a beneficial product for post-workout routines that aim at muscle recovery efforts. After exercising, the body needs time to build itself back up before entering another session. If it doesn’t get that time to recuperate, the risk of serious injury arises. The Joint and Muscle CBD capsule may assist in speeding up this necessary recovery time. Those with joint pains from old age or years of physical work also may benefit from the capsule. 

Each bottle of Joint and Muscle CBD comes with either 30 or 60 capsules, depending on the size of the purchased bottle. The capsules are small and lightweight, making storage and even consumption a walk in the park. Simply swallow a single capsule with or without water and give it time to begin working its magic.The recommended serving size of this product is 1 capsule.

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