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CBD Body-Butter

Specially developed for stressed skin.

Body Butter: Delicious spread for the body? What is behind it?

What sounds more like breakfast at first, is a rich skin care product that, unlike lotions and creams, has a firmer texture. In addition to 1500mg of the valuable CBD, the HEMP Whipped body butter also contains vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, providing the skin with a wealth of high-quality care ingredients. Since body butter is normally produced without water, it is particularly durable. – It melts gently on contact with the body and your fats can thus directly – and without a watery dilution directly on the stressed skin.

Tips for applying HEMP CBD Body Butter

The firm consistency allows to keep the body butter in the pot. In order to distribute the mass on the skin, it is helpful to first rub them on the palms.

To make this quicker, it may be convenient to place it in a warm place prior to use, such as on a heater. CBD body butter can also be used sparingly, as it is very economical. After application, the CBD-body butter leaves a small film of grease on the skin, which should, however, quickly move in – if you have not used too much.

Of course, only the best ingredients are used in the production of HEMP Whipped body butter.


Endoca is one of the most successful European brands for CBD products based in Copenhagen. Already since 2006 in the business Endoca is one of few manufacturers with GMP certificate and stands thereby for highest quality. Endoca’s vision is to found a village that uses 100% renewable energy and grows all the food it needs. The place should become a meeting place for all people and demonstrate sustainability live.

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