Restoor Skin Essentials - CBD Topical - Skin Refining Watermelon Seed Extract Serum - 40mg


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Did you know that watermelon seeds have been proven to be a rich source of nutrients like zinc, iron, copper and potassium? It’s also been known to work wonders on the skin, helping to fight wrinkles and premature aging. This new Skin Refining Watermelon Seed Extract Serum, suffused with rich in-house cannabidiol from the good folks at Restoor Skin Essentials, works great for different skin types and is capable of restoring a natural glow. This product also contains moisturizing properties, although it may still be preferable to use your name-brand moisturizer in tandem with it. For optimum use, clean your face beforehand and then massage a few drops onto the area that needs attention. Active ingredients include Vitamin B5, Watermelon Seed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. Ideal for rough, dry, or afflicted skin.

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