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Product Details :

VEDA Sport Pre Workout offers 25mg CBD Isolate per serving along with L-Arginine to increase blood flow while decreasing heart rate and blood pressure. Athletes can train for longer periods, meaning more time in sport without fatigue. Burn more calories and increase stamina! CBD remains active long after your workout assisting in muscle recovery and reducing pain sensations.

Ingredients :

• CBD Isolate
• L-Clitrulline
• Dipotassium Phosphate
• Proprietary blend (L-Arginine AKG, L-Arginine HCL)

Suggested Use :

• Daily oral use
• Take 2 capsules prior to workout to increase blood flow and decrease heart rate/blood pressure.
• This product is a dietary supplement.
• Caution: Please contact your physician before taking any dietary supplements.

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