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Introducing the Medix all-in-one sleep CBD vape oil cartridge. Our latest vaping devices include a built-in disposable battery for your own convenience! The sleep formula contains Granddaddy Purple (GDP) terpenes. Terpenes are the building blocks of essential oils found in cannabis plant. They contribute to the aroma, flavors, and the overall entourage effect. NO THC

Our Granddaddy Purple vaping device contains the perfect blend of natural terpenes and full spectrum CBD to produce sedative effects that are relaxing, calming, and antispasmodic to help promote better sleep.

4:5 CBD & Terpene Formula Ratio

Terpenes: Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

GDP is an Indica strain from California with deep purple blooms. It is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Grandaddy Purple is known for its sleep promoting effects.

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