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Watermelon Ejuice by Knockout CBD features a slice from the freshest watermelon your vape taste buds will ever sample! Every puff from this wildly flavorful e-liquid also comes with a calming addition of all-natural organic hemp extract, infusing every watermelon-scented cloud with the healing properties of CBD!

CBD Isolate, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and natural and/or artificial flavorings.

Watermelon Ejuice by Knockout CBD lets you take summer with you wherever you go, featuring a thick and hearty slice of summer watermelon in every cloud! Thousands of fat and juicy summer watermelons lay swollen on the vine, ripening to a deep emerald green in the heat of the mid-afternoon sun. These thick and hearty melons might look intimidating on the outside, but it’s all smiles and happiness on the inside! Fresh and juicy red flesh dotted with black seeds makes this treat a mouthwatering present for any parched tongue, each flavorful bite more delicious than the last.

These watermelons were carved into fat wedges, allowing your taste buds to enjoy the refreshing taste of summer at any time during the year! But this flavor isn’t just about delicious and juicy watermelon flavor… inside every 30mL bottle, there is a hearty infusion of cannabidiols. CBD has been proven to help people suffering from daily stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain, and so much more. If you’re an avid cloud chaser and you’re looking to make a difference in how you deal with any of these issues, try out Watermelon eJuice by Knockout CBD and see how CBD can help you in your everyday tasks!

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