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Out of the box the Ghost MV1 vaporizer may just be one of the coolest looking vaporizers around. A futuristic design and sleek shine give way to some of the best quality vapor around. Furthermore the durable build and quality craftsmanship make the Refurbished Ghost MV1 an excellent option if you are looking to save some money on your vaporizer purchase.    There is a tad bit of set up and learning curve which come with the Ghost MV1. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a Ghost MV1 expert user in no time.

Upon arrival do ensure to charge your Ghost MV1 battery to full capacity. Granted you are picking up a used Ghost MV1 , you will not need to pre charge for this amount of time , but we do recommend charging your battery full.  With a new out of the box Ghost MV1 this can take up to 8 hours when using the micro USB port, but can be expedited to around 2 hours if using the Ghost MV1 fast charger. Charge times following this are not as long. it is also recommended you read the quick start guide to understand the nuances such as the loading schematic and heat sink aperture.

To load your Ghost MV1 open the crucible door by sliding your thumb over the crucible switch . There can be some resistance on a brand new unit , but once you do this a few times the crucible door will open and shut with ease. To remove the crucible push up from the bottom of the holder. Remove the herb chamber screen and fill loosely but full with your ground herb. Perform the operation in reverse and turn on unit to begin your session.

Mode Button

Power up with your mode button and use this button to change your temperature settings without the app. Hit the mode button three (3) times to turn on standby mode and shift between temperature settings without the app

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