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How you start your day is how you start your life. Forget slow mornings and brain fog. This energizing blend is here to launch you into a day of mental focus, radiance, and pure drive. With a refreshing mixture of mint and cacao, NanoCraft's Day formula combines our highly bio-available Nano-Emulsified broad spectrum CBD with a unique blend of vitamin B-12, CoQ10, ashwagandha, rhodiola, l-theanine and organic caffeine to give you a natural, sustained glow. Stay focused for hours while you enjoy the many benefits of CBD. If you’re ready for greater productivity and a brighter mood, say hello to NanoCraft Day.

  • 10mg of high potency CBD per serving

  • Organic Caffeinehas been shown to cause greater weight loss, less inflamation, headache prevention, liver cleanup, heart protection and be a mood booster!

  • Vitamin B12has been shown to give you energy, heal depression, improve memory, prevent heart desease help with anti-aging

  • Convenient way to get your daily intake of CBDTake in the morning to start your day with an added boost!

  • Independently tested for quality and potency

  • Maximum absorbtionNano-Amplified using NanoPlex technology for maximum absorbtion

  • Great tasting cocoa mint flavor

  • Made from 100% pure hemp

  • 100% THC free


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