E-Nail Quartz Infused All Ceramic Airway USA Made Enail


Weed Republic


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This is the e-nail you've been looking for.

The Galaxy E-Nail is the first e-nail of its kind. Crafted in Santa Cruz, CA, these electric nails are handcrafted with the highest quality materials all sourced in the USA.  They take pride in their nails because they are the only electric nails with an all ceramic air pathway. These premier enails are engineered to perform and to be safe to use. 

Ceramic airways are highly advised over titanium when it comes to e-nails. Did we mention that each one is covered with a three year manufacturer warranty? Each e-nail kit comes with the E-nail unit, a dab mat, a power cord, a 14mm male adapter, a 18mm male adapter, a 14mm and 18mm female adapter, a carb cap, and a titanium dabber tool.


  •  14.5mm
  •  18.8mm
  •  Female Joint
  •  Made for Waxy Oils
  •  Male Joint
  •  Adjustable Temperature
  •  Celsius and Fahrenheit Settings
  •  Ceramic Air Passage
  •  Three Year Warranty
  •  Highest Quality Materials
  •  Works for both 14mm and 19mm joints

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