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This Glass globe vaporizer is the absolute ultimate complete starter kits for beginners and longtime vapers. It comes with a carry case by King Pen Vapes making it extremely portable and it puts an end to carrying the glass globe wax pen unprotected in your pockets. Now there are no more worries about breaking the glass every time you sit down. No more of that unwanted pocket stench and no more accidental heat ups in your pants!

The convenient carry case stores all the essentials of the glass dab pen including the long lasting 1100mah battery, the charger and the glass globe attachment itself. Everything you need to start enjoying the vaping experience is always handy with this kit. 

Why a Wax Pen Globe?

Globe wax pens have always been given good reviews from customers and bloggers. The technological innovations have evolved the ego dab pen to the level it is at today making this portable wax vape pen one of the top devices available. Issues that have plagued cheap vaporizer pens in the past are simply no longer an issue. Clogging, for example was a notoriously common problem that can even affect a modern glass dome vaporizer. However we have have thoroughly tested flow through and air volume rates after heavy use to ensure you never feel any restriction in the flow of air. More importantly, plastic placement and composition were heavily evaluated to prevent any unwanted burns preventing harmful toxins from ever being released. The heart of the eGo dab pen starter kit is the skillet/nail which is made from thermal grade ceramic and a coil wrapped wick. This superior heating element provides consistent heating without getting hot enough for unwanted combustion This is surely one of the best vapor experiences possible from the best affordable vape pen glass dome in the market. 

Glass Globe Vaporizer Popularity

As the popularity of vaporizers continue to skyrocket, its presence has extended to millions of users deep into the herbal market industry. Still, there are many users who are perhaps hesitant on embracing these newly perfected “smoking” methods. It is becoming clear, that the glass globe vaporizer is simply blowing even the most traditional competition out of the water. The amount of concentrated vapor produced in today’s device easily beats previous smoking methods by a large margin. A vast assortment of replacement and upgrade parts readily available in our vaporizer accessories sections, even cheap vape pens for sale can last a few years with moderate to heavy use. Non-believers are very quickly running out of excuses as the quality of these sleek vaporizer pens increases by leaps and bounds, and this eGo example is currently one of the best the industry has to showcase to consumers.

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