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The Puffco Plus Benefit 

The PuffCo Plus has arrived and it’s setting a new standard for pens. The upgraded atomizer is now a chamber allowing for even heat distribution and easy cleaning.

Coils no more – The PuffCo Plus chamber allows for better vaporizer quality and a better vaping experience, not only for taste but for efficiency. The PuffCO plus new design makes the world of coils feel years outdated and

The Dart – You know you have a great vape pen when the mouthpiece is given a name. The dart is a dual function mouthpiece, which serves as an excellent loading tool , but also scientifically retains more of your concentrates and enhancing the heat flow.

Enhanced airflow – The solid state conduction chamber working in lieu with the Dart mouthpiece makes clogging a thing of the past. This culmination achieves an insane air flow in which you can get optimal flavor and clouds.

Simplicity still reigns supreme – The PuffCO Plus made design adjustments where it counts, but did not overcomplicate.

Using the Puffco Plus

After a simple charge the PuffCo plus is ready to roll. The intuitive and simple nature of use makes the PuffCO Plus easy to load and operate.

Getting started – The PuffCo plus is turned on with 5 clicks of the power button. Here you can begin to drawer by pressing the button and inhaling

Change temperature – Once on, hit the power button 4 times to go between the three temperature settings.

Dual mode – You can hold the power button down for up to 8 seconds for a personal draw. However you can click the button twice quickly and switch on over to a 12 second on time for large clouds to share with a friend and hands free use.


Comes with 

  • Replacement chamber with cap
  • Cleaning swabs x4
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction booklet


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