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The Magneto concentrate vaporizer from Yocan is one of the coolest designs of portable vaporizers that we have seen in recent times and it does pretty much everything you could possibly need in a portable concentrate vape. One of the biggest features of this thick pen style vaporizer is that it uses magnetic connections to keep all the parts of the device held together. No longer will you have to worry about fine threads which are a pain even when they are clean, but when you factor in the dirt and resin that can build up on a device and then add in the possibiity of cross threading them, the option of having a magnetic connection instead seems like a total no brainer. The next problem they set their minds to solving was that of carrying and handling the sticky concentrates that this device uses. So to take care of the storage side of things they have built a small silicone container into the bottom of the battery section of the device which can hold up to 2ml of concentrate, so as long as you have your Magneto, you also have your concentrates. Then they took care of the problem of having to manipulate and handle your materials by building a oil tool into the removable magnetic atomizer cap which sits on top of the atomizer section. This not only gives you a great little tool for handling your waxes etc. but, because it is stored inside the device, you will never have to worry about getting sticky concentrates on anything else or, perhaps more importantly, you won't have to worry about all the unwanted garbage that can attach itself to a sticky oil tool like fluff and dirt. The 1100mAh battery is charged by USB so it is easy to give it a boost anywhere you need to while you are on the go, and because of the big battery capacity it will last for plenty of sessions in between charges. Included in the Magneto kit are your Magneto atomizer, your 1100mAh Magneto battery, an instruction card and your USB charging cable. The unit is available in a choice of colors so select your preference from the dropdown menu above.  


  • Atomizer: 30-Days
  • Battery: 6-Months


Adjustable Temperature Yes
Battery 1100mAh
Charger Type Micro USB
Heating Chamber Material Ceramic
Heating Coil Material Ceramic
Inhalation Method Direct-to-lung
Mouthpiece Stainless steel
Substance Concentrate
Vaporization Method Conduction

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