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Weed has been a favorite plant for literally centuries. We didn't always understand it the way we do now, but we definitely knew it made us feel good when we smoked it. It turns out science and marijuana are a perfect match, better than chocolate and peanut butter (ok, maybe just as good as chocolate and peanut butter, but that's still saying a lot). Research has allowed us to breed and cultivate the strongest marijuana the world has seen to date (some strains are over 30% THC by weight)! It's also given us extracts and concentrates that are incomparably potent and affordable. You can even get a concentrate vaporizer to take your dabs on the go. The world of glass has also benefited from all these scientific advances. It can be as simple as an ice bong, or you can get Helix and Typhoon glass that mixes your smoke with fresh air, creating a miniature tornado that gives you a super smooth smoking experience. You can also go with a cyclone perc bong that spins your smoke into a vortex, cooling it off for smoother hits. It doesn't stop there though. You can grab a honeycomb cyclone perc bong to smooth your hits out even further or take it to the ultimate level with a cyclone to honeycomb to 8-arm-tree perc bong. With all that science stuffed into one incredible package, you know you're getting the most advanced, smoothest smoke possible.
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