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RAW Wooden Box
Over the past few years RAW have become synonymous with quality rolling accessories and this awesome stash box is no exception to the rule. The outside of the box is beautifully varnished and indented with the RAW logo giving it that authentic RAW look.

RAW Unbleached Roll-Up Tips
From the RAW brand you love, unbleached roll-up tips. Chlorine free and chemical free, these are the natural choice for your roll-up tips.

RAW Hemp Plastic Rollers - 79mm
These RAW Hemp Plastic Rollers 79mm are made from a very earth friendly Eco-Plastic that is made from a blend of hemp and recycled plastics and is manufactured in a German factory.

Roll out your 79mm long or shorter smokes (single wide and 1 1/4 work) on these RAW 79mm rollers.

Comes with a spare apron.

Clipper Lighter RAW Brand
Clipper lighters have been made in Spain since the company was founded in 1959 and has been one of Europe's favorite brands of lighters. These feature a removable flint housing, which can poke hand rolled cigarettes, compressing the contents inside. These Clipper Lighters come with the RAW logo emblazoned around the body, show off your RAW brand pride with one of these!

Rolling Paper Depot 4 Piece Pocket Grinder
At 42mm these grinders are the perfect travel companion.

Authentic "Rolling Paper Depot" Doob Tube
The tubes are made of plastic and have a rubber top. This seals in odor and prevents lint, water, or anything else you have in your pockets from getting in. They're perfect for traveling. You will receive 1 tube. Color may vary.

RAW Rolling Papers 1 1/4
You will receive 1 Pack of Classic RAW papers and 1 Pack RAW Organic Papers.

  • Bundle Includes:
  • RAW Wooden Stash Box, RAW Tips
  • RAW 1 1/4 Papers Classic and Organic (1 Pack of Each)
  • RAW Clipper Lighter, RAW Roller
  • RPD Pocket Grinder, RPD Doobtube

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