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Created by a company once known as SToK Vaporizers (now known as This Thing Rips!), the R Series Roil Vaporizer Kit has everything you'll need to vaporize your oils and concentrates. The "Roil" is a play on words, as this vape pen uses oil and also has royal blue accents. Ceramic coil-less technology along with a quad airflow system gives you plenty of vapor with each hit. The low temperature ceramic ring doesn't waste any material while giving a very full tasty hit. The chamber holds plenty and you can see what is going on inside while vaping. This along with the deep dish design allows for a huge amount of oil to be added so you aren't constantly refilling. On average, the "rip-time" is 50% longer than similar oil vape pens. The battery is a vari-volt with 6500 micro amp for plenty of power. The vaporizer has a quick charge USB slot for optimal reboots.<br></br> The kit comes with 5 extras: <br></br><ul><li>Extra Coil-less Ceramic Atomizer</li><li>Platinum Cured Storage Jar</li><li>Discreet Pen Cap</li><li>Stainless Steel Tool</li><li>Cleaning Wipes</li></ul>


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