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Educate yourself about the cannabis you enjoy! This kit will fill your mind with more knowledge that you thought you had room for about the herb we all know and love. Each of these tools provides an intimate look into your own buds whole also providing you with information that will help to grow your understanding. 

The Interpening Kit from the Trichome Institute consists of four separate parts– the Guide Book, Weed Wheel™, Hash & Concentrate Wheel™ and Interpening Loop™. They work in tandem with one another to help you learn the process of Interpening™. The Guide Book is your in-depth source for any information found on the Interpening Loop and Weed Wheel.

The 420 Scope will give you the ability to take a closer look at your buds when you get a gorgeous nug you want to examine. You'll be able to peer in detail up to seventy-five times closer than your naked eye. Keep those buds protected from light and air with the UV jars and you can start collecting different varieties of bud!

We've bundled up all kinds of fantastic kits for cannabis enthusiasts. No matter what your preferred method of consumption is, we've packaged items together that will improve your sessions and get you toking like never before!


  • Trichome Institute - Interpener's Toolkit
  • Hash Wheel
  • Weed Wheel
  • Loop, and Guidebook
  • 420 Scope
  • 3 x Small UV Screw-Top - Modern Write & Erase w/sharpies
  • 420 Science Grinder
  • Integra - 62% R.H. - BOOST ( 8gr )

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