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Decadent Dabs

The Sphera is a surprisingly well-balanced dab rig with a small base and large body. It keeps a low water line with its fixed downstem. The female joint is flame polished for a clean finish and fixed in two places to reinforce it. 

The Orbis family of dab rigs is a futuristic and modern take on the small glass concentrate pipe. Each Orbis features a black ball-and-socket mouthpiece that prevents backsplash and evokes a modern hookah-like appearance. Each piece comes with a 14mm male banger that has a long arm to keep the heat away from your pipe.


  • Height: 7 in
  • Base width: 2.5 in
  • Made with 50mm tubing
  • 14mm quartz banger included
  • Clear with Black glass downstem and mouthpiece

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