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The Aurora Pen Kit from Dr. Dabber is everything you need and more to enjoy tasty rips of your favorite oils and waxes. Not just a pen and charger, this kit includes the ideally designed Aurora Pen with three temperature settings for high to low temp hits and multiple heating elements for you to determine what is best for you. The ceramic mouthpiece keeps the flavor of your dabs pure and clean while the Snaptech magnetic fittings make the pen a breeze to assemble or modify. The docking station charges the pen quickly and displays when the pen is fully charged. This kit includes an applicator and storage for your oils as well. Step into the future of pen tech with the Aurora.


  • Includes Ceramic, Quartz, and Halo style heaters
  • Magnetic connection means no more threading, just a quick click to connect
  • Contoured ceramic mouthpiece designed for an ergonomic fit and optimal airflow
  • Includes additional high-flow mouthpiece
  • Matte black finish
  • Includes micro USB charging station
  • Includes dab tool and storage container
  • 1-Year no questions asked warranty

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