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CFV Chamber Screens

A set of 5 replacement screens for the chamber of your Boundless CFV. The screens fitted to the CFV can get a coating of residue after a lot of use and these replacements will freshen up your flavor no end.

CFV Chamber Screens

Protect your vape's taste

Keep your draw easy and clear

Made specifically for the Boundless CFV

Protect Your Vape's Taste

Screens are an essential component in getting the most out of your vape experience. They prevent any loose particles of herb being pulled into the air path of your vape and spoiling the taste of their hits.

Keep Your Draw Easy And Clear

Over time your herb will naturally exude resin this can gradually clog up your screen, slowly restricting your air path and making your draws harder. You can clean your screens out with a little cleaning fluid, but over time this won't cut it. Luckily this kit features several spare screens that allows you to keep your airpath clear.

Made specifically for the Boundless CFV

These screens are designed for use with the Boundless CFV dry herb vaporizer. They fit perfectly and are sure to compliment the operation of your vape.

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