Rusty Bob - XXL Tobacco Smoking Pipe extra long Gandalf Hobbit red-black Sandel-wood - 40cm no [shisha-tobacco] - Set 6



Gandalf Pipes

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  • Pipe smoker favor depending on personal preference different pipe types, pipe shapes and pipe materials. The best-known, best-selling tobacco pipes forms are Billiards and Bent. The Billiard pipe is ten to fifteen centimeters long with straight pipes and pipe Holm mouthpiece. These pipes form is designed for tobacco smoking, which can deal exclusively with the pipe smoking, as they have to keep the pipe while smoking in his hand. The Bent pipe
  • They can be easily maintained with the teeth in the mouth and visually convincing. Through a curved pipe stem with a bent pipe mouthpiece The pipe shape does not affect the taste of pipe tobacco generally. If the tobacco smoke - as in the read pipe - through a long pipe stem and a long whistle mouthpiece is pulled by about 20 centimeters, the tobacco smoke stays cooler and therefore more comfortable.
  • The first tobacco pipes were produced in Europe from durable sound. The clay pipes were increasingly displaced in the 19th century by the more manageable and robust wooden pipes. Clay pipes are used nowadays due to the favorable purchase price and the heat-resistant material mainly as a guest or as a tasting pipes pipes for new pipe tobacco varieties.
  • Some things are just that you want to share them with his best friends so beautiful. This aesthetic Tobacco Pipe definitely heard it. A course for the personal pleasure of smoking. Well, let's see who deserves to be rewarded with it. Better safe than sorry.
  • Unfortunately, well-equipped head shops are still a privilege of the big cities, but here can be remedied: With this we close the supply gap during manicured smoke equipment. Schön, effectively and fairly traded. The successful combination of top grade raw material and craftsmanship guaranteed a smoking experience at the highest level

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