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FloraKleen by General Hydroponics - Over time, every hydroponic system can produce compost excess as a regular part of the growing process. This collection can produce in excess salts that will finally cause your plants undue stress. Realize that attention and prepare a reliable method with FloraKleen.

Especially intended to dissolve fertilizer salts, our solution not only flushes excess residue but also delivers a nutrient bond between plants and the system. This joint accommodates plants gain the most of the remaining fertilizers, notably in the crucial week just before harvest.

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1 Gallon
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6 Gallon
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General Hydroponics - A motivated group of scientists, engineers, and technicians came together with an enthusiastic goal: to develop agricultural excellence and innovation through the use of key manufacturing processes and cutting-edge research. In thrusting General Hydroponics, that team formed a foundation that's enabled us to increase in meaningful and industry-changing directions.

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