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FloraNova by General Hydroponics - This user-friendly fertilizer hybrid comprises a different compound of minerals and natural additives. It has a restricted formula that will provide you the strong fertilizer intensity regularly gained in a dry form.

FloraNova Grow sustains and gives plants from their first time of growth into following steps. It also created especially for fruiting or flowering levels of growth, increases vigorous color and greater yields. It will provide your plants the nutrients they want, quickly and efficiently.

-1 Pint
-1 Quart
-1 Gallon
-2.5 Gallon

General Hydroponics - A motivated group of scientists, engineers, and technicians came together with an enthusiastic goal: to develop agricultural excellence and innovation through the use of key manufacturing processes and cutting-edge research. In thrusting General Hydroponics, that team formed a foundation that's enabled us to increase in meaningful and industry-changing directions.vision and unconventional thought we have seen the industry and our company blossom.

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