12" Matrix Barrel Perc Bong



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  • Clear borosilicate glass for a laboratory design
  • 14 mm 45 degree female joint
  • Barrel and UFO percolators for excellent filtration
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Maria rings for unique aesthetic

Enjoy tasty, smooth hits with the 12” Matrix Barrel Perc Bong, featuring several different methods of smoke filtration. With a unique laboratory aesthetic, this is the perfect daily smoking piece for your smoking room, or prized piece for special occasions.

Several Percs for Ultimate Filtration

When it comes to smooth, cool hits, the 13” Matrix Barrel Perc Bong takes care of everything. While taking a huge bong rip, the smoke will flow from the downstem into the water chamber, which softens the blow. Then, the smoke travels upward through the body of the bong, and is filtered again by the barrel percolator, which has both vertical and horizontal slits. Finally, the smoke flows up through the UFO perc, which filters the smoke again. You and your friends will enjoy great-tasting hits that bring out the charm in your dry herb. And, the circular splash guard will protect you from any water that might escape from the bong.

Borosilicate Glass With Laboratory Design

With a clear glass design, you can stand in awe as this filtered water pipe works its magic. Watch as the bubbles stack and your smoke percolates, before ultimately traveling to the top of the piece for you to inhale. The Maria ring adds a touch of sophistication to this pipe, adding to the amazing clear glass. The flared mouthpiece gives the smoker a comfortable grip, while also making sure that you inhale each bit of smoke.

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