Half Fab Egg Perc Water Pipe



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  • Maria rings, teal accents, and polished joint for scientific aesthetic
  • 14mm female Dewar’s joint
  • Faberge egg percolator for excellent filtration and sleek design
  • Flared bent neck mouthpiece
  • 8.5” tall with excellent function and portability

The Half Fab Egg Perc Water Pipe brings a neat blend of function and portability to the table. At 8.5” tall, this bong delivers great-tasting hits with a faberge egg percolator, thick glass and an awesome scientific design.

This awesome water pipe offers excellent smoke filtration for smooth hits. After passing through the bowl to the Dewar’s joint, the smoke then travels from the water chamber into the half faberge egg percolator. Functioning like a Swiss perc, the faberge egg perc causes smoke to travel through the many small holes, down to the bottom of the water pipe, and into the body of the bong. It then travels up through the tube of the bong, feeding into the bent neck mouthpiece, and finally the smoker’s mouth. With these features in place, you can rest assured knowing that each and every hit will be a cool, pleasant experience.

The flared bent neck mouthpiece delivers on function, comfort and aesthetic. Designed for superior suction, the mouthpiece will help you take comfortable hits, without the potential for losing smoke due to a lack of suction. The bent neck will also help prevent water from splashing back. The elongated neck will help you maintain a firm comfortable, grip while also contributing to the cool design. 

The Maria rings, positioned throughout the neck and base of the bong, create a cosmic and scientific feel. The accented percolator, Dewar’s joint and bowl also add to the unique design.

Built with thick glass, this bong will be sure to last through the years, giving you plenty of time to enjoy quality smoking sessions alone, or with friends. 

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