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When you're getting set up with your first dab rig, there can be almost too many decisions to make. It's a good problem to have, but you still find yourself wondering, "Which rig do go with? One of those recycler dab rigs all my buddies have? Or should I just get a ceramic dab nail to put in the bong I already have? And for that matter, what's glass domes anyway?" To put your mind at ease, we've got the answers to all those questions and more. Having a dedicated dab rig can be nice for a few reasons. For one, it gives you a rig that's always ready to go, rather than having to swap out your bowl every time you want a dab. It also means your dabs will always taste their best since they won't be affected by resin created by smoking. There's nothing wrong with popping a nail in your favorite bong and dropping a glass dome on it to make sure you get the most out of your dabs, but they may not taste as good if you've been smoking through the same bong and didn't clean it before dabbing. So what's a glass dome then? Basically, domes are a way to ensure you get all of your dab by preventing blow-off (which can certainly be an issue with both nails and bangers). You just heat the nail, drop your dab, slip the glass dome over the top, and you're good to go!
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