RYOT Dugout Kit




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Get Your Dugout Situated

The Dugout, a classic cannabis enthusiasts tool from way back when. Your grandad probably had one of these and the general idea has not changed in the last fifty years, but the design has gotten better. This dugout has a gorgeous finish and features a spring-loaded taster insert. The matching one-hitter is the perfect companion. This kit comes with everything you need to load your dugout including a 420 Science Grinder, a 420 Jar, and even a lighter!

We've bundled up all kinds of fantastic kits for cannabis enthusiasts. No matter what your preferred method of consumption is, we've packaged items together that will improve your sessions and get you toking like never before!


  • RYOT Large Wooden Spring Bat in Bamboo
  • RYOT Large Wooden Dugout in Bamboo
  • Small Screw-Top 420 Jar-420 Science logo
  • 420 Science Grinder
  • 420 Science Custom Bic Lighter

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