GRAV Helix Multi Bubbler 3-In-1 Kit



helix bong

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A Perfect Toke

The Helix Multi bubbler is a flat-out bad-ass pipe. When you combine water filtration with the air injected smooth spinning hit of a Helix mouthpiece you get smooth as butter hits that are nothing short of incredible. This is a stellar piece if you want to have a versatile daily driver that offers the best functions of GRAV most popular pieces.

This is the full blown kit that has the bubbler, spoon, and one-hitter bowl along with K-clips for you to hook it all up. The dry rig tip setup is great for long smooth concentrate rips that taste great from start to finish while the spoon has a large bubble head that builds up your rips. The bubbler turns up the volume of this piece to eleven by enlarging the smoke chamber and combining the effectiveness of the Helix with the power of a bubbler. 


  • Height: 6 in
  • Assorted Decal Color
  • Helix Mouthpiece
  • Bubbler Bowl
  • Spoon Head
  • Dry Rig Concentrate Adaptor
  • Plastic K-Clip

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