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Spin You Right Round

The spinning and cooling effect of a Helix pipe is a thing to behold. These four pieces each support a range of dry and water pipes and accessories. The small chillum adds a little air into a normally pretty dry one-hitter and the pre-mix chamber does the same for your bong. The multi kit allows you to switch up the way you enjoy your bud whenever you want. The legendary Helix Beaker is the headliner in this collection and is the most in-demand bong we sell.

We've bundled up all kinds of fantastic kits for cannabis enthusiasts. No matter what your preferred method of consumption is, we've packaged items together that will improve your sessions and get you toking like never before!


  • Helix Chillum
  • Helix Standard Multi-Kit
  • Helix Pre-mix Chamber
  • 8.75 in Helix Beaker Water Pipe - Clear

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