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Helix bongs are the latest innovation in smoking technology from leading smoking accessories manufacturers. These high-tech pieces of glassware feature special air-intake holes that add fresh air to your hit while they spin the smoke through the bong’s various chambers. This swirling motion isn't just fun to watch - it also makes for one of the smoothest hits you can imagine. The level of cooling is simply unparalleled with Helix bongs. Helix bongs can be used with either dry herbs or concentrates, just swap out your bowl for a banger or nail and you're good to go. They really do look like something out of a mad scientist’s lab. They’re so cool! We have full helix bongs, bubblers, and steamrollers from the respected manufacturer. If you're in the market to build your dream bong, check out the Stax system from GRAV as well. This innovative system features interchangeable glass pieces so you can pick your favorite base, percolators, pre-mix chambers, and, of course, helix mouthpieces and design your perfect smoking experience. You can start building one now, and come back to it as you want to change it up - no need to buy another whole bong!

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