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Select CBD Gel Capsules are an easily consumable method of dosing CBD accurately and efficiently. Each capsule contains 33.33 mg of high-quality hemp-derived CBD extract. Choose from four different formulations depending upon your body’s unique needs. Balance capsules contain only CBD and coconut MCT oil. The other three varieties, Rest, Boost and Recover combine CBD with other beneficial herbal ingredients for a uniquely tailored wellness experience. The choice is yours!


The endocannabinoid system is a series of receptors that help to regulate many important functions in the body including pain, mood, the immune system, memory and stress. CBD interacts with this system and is believed to be helpful in many ways. Select CBD Gel Capsules amplify these CBD benefits with four unique formulations. Balance capsules are intended to help restore the balance of body and mind. Rest capsules include valerian root and passion flower extract for enhanced sleep support. Boost capsules include the herbs yerba mate and moringa for energy. Recover capsules contain curcumin and black pepper extract for pain support.

How to Use

  • Start with 1 capsule per day and increase dose, as desired
  • Take capsules orally, with or without food 

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